91 nissan sentra lightbulb replacement list?

HI, dont have a manual for this car, it is my friends, but all the tail lights are out except 1, they are blown, nothing is wrong with the wiring, but i do not know what the bulb number is that they needs, i need the Break lights, tail lights and blinkers, all in the back, but if possible the whole car list would be great.. thanks if anyone can help 10 points. thanks very much.....

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    1157 double filiment bulbs tail stop lamps. The turnsignals are #1156 and #56 bulbs for licence plate lights side markers are #194 seed bulbs. Buy the bubble packs with two or four bulbs each. Make sure you replace single 1156 filliment bulbs with the same type and double 1157 where double filiment bulbs go. Head lights are HB2 High mounted stop lamp inside the rear window is a # 912 bulb

    Source(s): Nissan Master Tech
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    Here you go! You will have to look up your make, model and year but it will give you every bulb number you could possibly need!


  • Curt J
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    Best answer is to go to a local auto parts store and ask for help. They can give you the answer in a matter of minutes.

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