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How to apply for 英國居英權

I want to enquire about whether i could successfully become British Citizen under the British Nationality (Hong Kong) Act 1997.

Actually, I have been studying in the UK since 2002 with my BNO (British Oversea Critizen) passport and also has lived in the UK more than five years. During the period of time, most of time I stayed in the UK, occassionlly, I went back to Hong Kong for holiday stay less than 90 days in the past five years.

However, Is there any chance to become a British Citizen in my situation ?

Anyway, could you please give me any advice about what are the requirement to gain the British Citizen for my situation and what prodecure I need to do.

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    Please read the followings:

    British citizenship

    What is British citizenship?

    Who has the right to live in the United Kingdom?

    Who can apply for British citizenship and other forms of British nationality?

    How do I apply for British citizenship or another form of British nationality?

    How do I give up (renounce) British citizenship or another form of British nationality?

    What if my application is refused?

    Can I be a citizen of two countries?

    Withdrawal of your citizenship (deprivation)

    How do I apply for a British passport?

    Contact us

    It would be best to find an immigration agent there, provide them your records to them and let them do it for you.

    I always tried my best to help.

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