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kennysue asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago



1. 无论你多忙,你都应该抽时间回学校参加同学聚会。(no matter how)

2. 吸烟是导致肺癌的主要因素。(contributing to)

3.他这次考试失败使他意识到定期复习功课是多么重要.(make sb aware of )

4. 这条裙子不但太大,而且也与我的夹克不相配。(apart from)

5. 那条道路因洪水而停止修建.(hold up)


16. 那个国家一再卷入对外战争.(involve)

17.无论发生什么情况, 他就是一言不发。 (no matter what)


19. 迄今为止到北京工作是我做过的最好决定。(so far)

20. 我刚刚读完一本从一种新的视角研究莎士比亚(Shakespeare)的有趣的书。(approach)

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    1.No matter how you are busy, you still have ot take some time to come back t o school to join the student meeting/assembly.

    2.Smoking is contributing to cause the lung canser.

    3.This exam fail make him aware that the important of revision.

    4.This skirt apart from too big, and also not match to my jacket.

    5,The construction of that road is holding up, because of the floading.

    16,That country once again involve in the war.

    17,No matter what things happen, his still not to utter a word.

    18,That cinema has extend their business time recently.

    19, Working in Beijing is my best decicsion that I had done.

    20,I just finish a interesting book, which is approach a new method to investigate Shakespeare .

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  • 1 decade ago

    第一句真係不知所謂,you still have to take some time to come back t o school to join the student meeting/assembly, 你自己讀一次都知道有幾咁唔順啦, 九百幾個to, 無論你有幾忙應該係 no matter how busy you are, 後面果D......

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