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下面這段英文是跟機械有關的~拜託幫忙翻譯一下 給20點

FIG. 3 shows a wrist joint 30 which is of generally similar construction to that of the elbow joint of FIG. 2 albeit that in this case it will be appreciated that the hand tube 12 will be significantly shorter and may be somewhat smaller in diameter than the forearm tube 9 insofar as the strength requirements will be lower and a smaller motor 31 may be used. As described in more detail with reference to FIG. 4, the support body for the fixed worm gear wheel 32 on the lower end 10 of the forearm tube 9 is conveniently in the form of a rotary actuator connection 33 mounted on said lower end 10 of the tube 9.



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    更正: 在前臂管(9)下端(10)之固定的緩動傳動裝置齒輪的支撐體(32)傳統上是裝置在所說前臂管下端的一種旋轉促動器的銜接(33)。


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    The adapter 15 terminals 14 mount inside the cylindrical housing some host drive motor (perhaps has an indispensable epicycle gearbox 23) 22 provides the worm gear 25 to extend, in the driving tangent becomes engaged mutually the flange between 17 and the worm gear wheel 19 advancement output shafts 24. The main drive motor 22 through 26 are connected in the forearm tube 9 wall's electrical pick-off methods, assembles 28 power source control circuit to an annular battery to suit close in tube 9. neighbor 27. When the main drive motor 22 are managed, worm gear 25, thus, in swings the forearm 9 clockwise or the counterclockwise fixed worm gear wheel nearby 19 obtains itself and the forearm tube 9 from the right-hand man 5. Namely the concrete application special a - first choice's form fixed worm gear wheel 19 and with its host drive motor the worm gear 25 mountings which drives, before the forearm 9 reverse mounts, and the latter 5. mounts in the right-hand man.  希望你能選我為最佳解答者

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