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What movie was Shah Rukh Khan's best performance in?

My Answer: I easily hands down say he did his best acting job in movie "Darr" (opposite of Juhi Chawla). He played that stalker villian role like no one else could!

What about you good people? What film do you think was SRK's best performance in? (NOTE - please list only one film)

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    I agree with you yaar, he acted too well in Darr.. he was the villian, but still he was the one whom people loved yaar.. he was so cute and young then, na?

    Btw, Darr has one of my fav. songs yaar..


    Jaadu....... Teri Nazar

    Kushbhu.. tera badan

    Tu haan kar ya na kar

    Tu hai me.......ri Kiran


    His acting was awesome in the last part.. Kkkkirannnnn

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    Who says Shah rukh Khan acts in all hindi movies? That means you see a very small amount of indian movies. Yes it is true that the Khans have all of a sudden started appearing in a lot of movies bt to say SRK acts in all the bollywood movies is like saying there are only a couple made a year. bollywood is a huge industry surpassing hollywood and there are hundreds of actors in lead roles. Please try and see more movies.

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    Wow hard because he is so good but i have to say Kal Ho Na Ho because it is my all time favorite movie. He has liek so many different roles in the movie, and demonstrates so many different styles. He is so funny in so many parts "Ramdayan", "Kantabhen" and of course the emotional parts and the awesome acting in the end. Even while he is on the death bed, he still makes the audience laugh. Many critics said he went overboard but i thought it was an awesome performance!!

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    Great ! One of the best performance in life history Shahrukh Khan is Chak De! India.

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    Shahrukh's many movies are very good...

    According to me,Chakk De!!!! was theeeee BEST....

    Darr, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gamm, Anjaam, Raju Bann Gaya Gentleman were also fab

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    Chak De India

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    Om Shanti Om

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    Ofcourse Darr was one of his best ones

    I will also quote for "Ram Jane" and DDLJ

    What do u think

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    well, from my pov i think he did well in kabhi alvida naa kehna.. well that movie had a great story line and his acting made me more interested in the story.. esp whn i was watching it for the first time -- never knw whats gonna happen next.. and he did a good job.. i think his acting really made evrything seem so realistic -- the emotions n stuff... so i was really moved...

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