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Physics problem I don't understand?

a sealed cubicle container 20.0 cm on a side contains three times avogadro's number of molecules at a temperature of 20.0 degrees C. Find the forces exerted by the gas on one of the walls of the container

*please help! I was looking at this problem in my physics book and it has me stumped. I have a test coming up too. Thanks!

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    So first you have to find the internal pressure. Use the ideal gas law

    PV=nRT or one of the variants.

    You know the volume V=s^3.

    You know n, 2x Avagoardos's number

    you know R - its a constant

    you know T - 20 C

    You can solve for P

    Then F=PA (force = pressure times area_

    Area = side ^2

    So you can solve for force.

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