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Does anyone else tire of the daily grind and egos in the workplace?

I know I'm venting here, but today just really threw me off the deep end.

I work in a busy hospital setting, and it seems like I run into so many people who have egos up the ****. I don't know why I feel so disgusted by it, because it doesn't really involve me. But I feel like there's so much one-upmanship lately, that it breaks down my sense of trust with others at my work. Not everybody, but the few people out there who try to feel superior about themselves by bragging, putting other people down, etc. It's just tiring at the end of the day. All I wanted was to go home and do my crafts, and forget about these people.

The good thing is that I work far away, and I don't run into these bastards in the mall or anything. I hope that one day I can learn to brush off these windbags like annoying fleas.

Any suggestions about how to unwind after a hard day's work are appreciated. :)

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    Today I can completely relate to you. I just had someone who is not my superior abuse me in front of a customer because i forgot to knock on her door before entering. (I WAS careless but she should have had a quiet word to me later) All people do in this office is slag other people off to make themselves feel big.

    I find the following things help:

    *If i feel like im going to cry at work (not uncommon) I tickle the roof of my mouth with my tongue (it's really hard to cry when you're doing that)

    *I do a class at my gym that really helps me to unwind its called body balance it's a mix of tai chi, yoga & pilates. I have also found boxing helps with some of my aggression.

    *Cleaning, i know this is weird but sometimes i go home & furiously clean the house until i feel ok.

    *If you have someone at home to vent to, it really helps, I think most people can relate to workplace egomaniacs! Even talking to the cat helps sometimes!

    *If all else fails, pour a glass of wine, run a bath, grab a notebook & write down everything you would say to these people if this were a world of 0 conciquence!

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    Been there. There are a lot of people in the workplace with no self-confidence who feel they have to create trouble. Worked with two arrogent, negative backstabbing coworkers who created a tense, hostile environment and who played schoolyard games, i.e. both would call in sick on the same day. They apparently didn't have a life outside the workplace. After work I'd sometimes go ice skating at the local rink that was open year-round. That helped tremendously. Sometimes I'd even go before work, depending on the session time, and that also made a huge difference in my day. Made it easier to ignore the b.s. I also had a long commute, so there was no way I'd run into them-especially on weekends and holidays(!) Try doing something physical after work - walk, hit the gym, stationary bike, dance, even jump rope (but on a soft surface, not concrete). It could make a difference. Hope this helped. Good luck

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    A nice cold beer. or maybe a couple, considering your stress level.

    I know what you mean, in my field work, everyone is pretty old, and "experienced" and they consider me just some young kid, as an intern. Ive been in that field since my parents introduced me (I was 13) now i'm 19 and people still doubt my work. I know what i'm doing, and people just think that i'm some stupid kid that works for mommy.

    I hate that! Old people treat me like crap, and like I should be cleaning their shoes! Bastards! In the end they come running to me, because they can't get a decent broker to help them. Ignore them! they will need you one day, then you will really show them your skills, brush them off, I DO. I just laugh when they need my help.

    Have a good evening, dont let them get you down girl;)

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  • I like to relax with a movie about braggarts who get their comeuppance. Plus a favorite drink and snack, put your feet up too.

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