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Will i be able to get an agent? (acting) headshots and resume "included"?

hey! im 19 years old and want to be an actress. i would love to be on a television show... i just need an agent. im also a singer, i have been singing for eleven years...

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singing has always been my thing but ive really gotten into acting... the only thing is, im not too sure if i have enough experience... heres a summary of my resume...


with singing, im basically in the process of recording my demo CD but ive had a ridiculous amount of training.... ive had about seven different vocal trainers... some were choir teachers... ive been in about five different choirs. one including an honors, audition-only one. with my choirs, ive sang at Epcot three times, several million vocal association competitions, and Carnegie Hall in NYC. Ive also had a private voice coach for three years and shes working on getting me a singing agent aswell. ive done solos for competitions too but thats different. anyway,


unfortunately, i havent had as much experience with acting as i have had with singing. I am currently a double major in Criminal Justice and TTheatre. Ive only been an extra in one movie and have only been in one show... i did have the opening and closing monologues though. i have taken two acting classes in high school and am currently taking one in college. I have headshots and a legit resume. (i still have to get my headshots printed ..... will you also choose your favorite for me? or just tell me which one looks best as a headshot?)

my acting teacher likes the fourth and fifth one.... my least favorites. also, these pictures were taken about 2-3 years ago but i basically look the same. my hairs longer and i have side bangs... will that be a problem? do i need new ones?

um.... this is what i look like now...

I have red hair, green eyes, light, clear skin... but am a little bit overweight.... but i started going to the gym 5 times a week and eating nothing but protein bars so that problem will hopefully be fixed soon.

also, i love in Florida... what if i want to be in an episode filmed in LA... do they fly me there? or will i have to pay myself....

Im so worried about not getting an agent.... please excuse all of my minor details but im starting to obsess over this lol


the basic question is... will i be able to get an agent? or do i need more experience?

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    First off, don't be so tense! Your resume is impressive in the singing aspect. You may need a little more training, but most agents don't look at the resume as a "deal breaker" if you haven't had much training. It all depends on your audition.

    When it comes to your head shot, you may need to get a new one. Your have slightly changed since then and its probably not the smartest idea to come into an audition without an up-to-date head shot. If its all you have to work with for now, go with . It shows more personality and with your face and body angled, its less harsh to the viewer. But remember, get it printed in black and white. It looks much more professional and most casting directors will only accept it if it is black and white and in an 8x10.

    When it comes to filming in L.A., depending on the show and what type of part you have, they may fly you there. If it's a pilot or a show with bad ratings, you may have to pay yourself. Also, if you have a one-liner or are just an extra, you probably will have to pay yourself. But if its a major network show and you get a guest appearance, you are likely to get a free ride.

    I hope everything works out in your favor! Good luck!

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    It's always possible to get an agent, do some research!

    Try and get some meetings with a few that you'd maybe like to work with, and if they're interested, great, and they can probably give you some pointers as well.

    In terms of a headshot, I like the 1st and 5th the best but if that isn't how you look now you need new ones.

    Everytime you cut your hair, dye it, get a little bit older, anything that will make you look different, you need a new headshot. The headshot is so that your agent can send out pictures of you to casting directors so that they can get an idea for if you'd be right for the role. If they're looking for someone with black hair, and you have red hair, then they do not want you (of course there are exceptions, but that's the general rule).

    Good luck!

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