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Is the survival rate for leukemia higher in children or adults?

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    For ALL and AML, it's definitely higher in children.Children with ALL without Philadelphia chromosome have up to survival 90% probability, and adults about 50%. Children with AML have about 40-50% survival rate, adults about 20%, and older adults about 15%.

    CML is relatively rare in children, but the survival rates for both children and adults are much better since Gleevec and targeted therapy were introduced (it's up to 85% now). I am not familiar with the statistics for CLL.

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    depends on stage of cancer and how old you are. I was in 5th grade and the doctors gave me a 50/50 shot. At one point they told me that this was the end but here I am defying odds everyday. I also hold the record for getting out of the hospital post chemo treatment and never coming back. 14 days. Get some.

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    Its higher in adults because their immune system is stronger.

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