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I failed a quiz today, and I'm bummed. Help!?

I'm a freshman in HS. We're reading the Hobbit in my English class. I failed a 120 point quiz today! I have an A in the class (I have all As actually), and I'm so worried that it'll bring me down.

Also, I have to give a speech tomorrow about the Hobbit. I haven't even started yet! She's only given us a day to write it and I'm so stressed and I'm freaking out!

What should I do? Will my grade be okay? How should I relax?!

Help please!

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    what i would do, is google some info on it, and prepare for your speech.

    i always fail my math tests and quizzes, and i just go on youtube and watch some funny stuff or listen to good non-depressing music.

    i don't think it'll affect your grade. i have a A in science, and i did bad on one of my quizzes and it didn't affect it that bad. just maybe 1 or 2 points down.

    just think positive, and positive things will happen!

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    How did you fail it? Did you read the book? Cuz I had to read it in 10th grade, and it was great--you should actually read it if you didn't.

    How far this will bring you down depends on how many total points are possible in the class. Add up all your grades you've made so far, then divide by the total points that were possible so far in the course. Then you'll know your grade and can stop wondering.

    It will probably be no big deal. You might end up with a B+ now. So what? Nothing in 9th grade should be important enough to wreck your health or make you freak out that bad. Just go look at all the good grades you've made in that class and take deep breaths.

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    Take a deep breath. (know it sounds weird but it helps) I'm in an Honors english class that gets twice the work of a normal class. Even Albert Einstein failed quizzes back in his day. Get a start on your project and just like the answer above me says if your and A student you should get some slack.

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    Listen, it's not that long a book. Make a start on it tonight and then explain to the teacher tomorrow that you haven't finished it and ask if you can make the speech on Friday instead. If you're an A student in her class, she should cut you some slack. Besides, you'll enjoy the book, I promise!

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