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HELP! is saints row 2 worth it? is it any bad and why?

is saints row 2 worth it? i saw on gamespot that is got 8.2 which is a good score but not a really good score. so what is bad about it? is it really that bad? i dont really care much for graphics. i have an HDMI cable. but other than graphics, is there really anything bad about it? is it amazingly fun?what is bad about it? does game last it fun time for a long time? is it REALLY REALLY fun? please answer if you have the game. thanks.

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    Okay- it may not last for a long time. But the FUN covers that up pretty well. You get something like 45 missions -with like plenty of side missions you can do-which are crazy fun. Its like the little brother of GTA because it has a less serious approach---which makes it all the better.

    Looking for Fun-Saints Row 2

    Serious-GTA 4

    Hope I helped!

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