How do I stop these teens from using bad language on the school bus?

There are these people on the school bus that during occasional talking, they curse. That cursing is that loud so that my sister, who is 9, hears them all the way in the front. I don't want my sister using or hearing those words. The bus driver tells them not to, but they don't listen. I don't think the teenagers in the back are aware that they are spreading their filthy language to littler kids. And we tried contacting higher authority, but they didn't listen either. What should I do?

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    1 decade ago
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    Well I suggest that you have a one on one talk with your sister and explain to her that the words that those teens are using are filthy and rude and shouldn't be said and ask her not to ever repeat those words and make sure you tell her that it doesn't matter if those teens are speaking that way, it doesn't mean she has too as well. But ultimately just try to ignore those people if you don't like what they are saying and don't try to have the bus driver or other people get them in trouble for simply cursing, it is indeed called the Freedom Of speech right?

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    There are two schools of thought on this.

    1. The other kids will not influence the younger kids if they have a good parental system. I doubt it's the first time that the younger kids have heard it and I doubt it will be the last. As long as mom & dad explain that it's not proper and it makes people look stupid, then they'll be fine.

    2. Get the school system to get a school bus rules enforcement thing going on. Make the students get punished for violating the rules. Citations, Demerits, Write Ups, Referrals, or whatever your school calls them.

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    1 decade ago

    When I rode the bus many years ago, a kid would be suspended off the bus for using foul language.

    There is little you can do if the driver is not doing their job in enforcing the rules.

    Let your parents or a staff member at your school aware of the issue.

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    teach the child about language, its appropriate usage, and what things mean.

    trying to sheild her from it does no good whatsoever. she'll hear those words eventually, and since they are nothing but words, they'll do no lasting damage to her.

    instead of trying to hide her from the world, explain the world to her, and help her understand how it ought to work.

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    you teach your sister that she shouldn't use those words. she will hear them in her life no matter what you do, but you can teach her that it's not a good thing to use them.

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    1 decade ago

    Take it to the school board and I guarantee they'll listen.

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    whyy dont u writee them upp

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