Soy protein shakes for vegetarian.?

im vegetarian its been 3 months and some days.. well i haven't had my period for 5 months. i have an eating disorder(YES I EAT) just not sure if i'm getting enough calories with my workouts. I eat 1 thousand and 3 hundred some calories and workout...... I've gotten better from my ED. WEll i was wondering if i should take soy protein shakes or not. Or ensure drinks.. please write back.. and i try to go up to 1,500 but it's hard......

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  • 1 decade ago
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    it would be a good thing to drink ensure in ADDITION to what you eat.

    they are very healthy and probably has a lot of calories but it provides with tonnnnsss of nutrients. so don't think of it as calories but think of it as vitamins. you need them!

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes you should. If you consume 1300 calories in 1 day in addition to exercise, you need to consider the burnt calories. Don't starve yourself! And if you have been missing your period you are most likely anemic--I believe is the term--or without important vitamins. Take a daily vitamin, and make sure you get enough Iron, because women need that a lot more than men.

    I think the best advice is get a blood test if you can with your Doctor to see how your body is taking in vitamins and if it is malnourished. I would definitely boost up the protein, and soy never hurts!

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