why did McCain supporters say he was going to win but he lost by over 8 million votes?

and about 200 Electoral votes

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    Usually, the closer the election is, the more the undecided will gravitate to the more Conservative candidate. That is unquestionable; it always happens.

    Even though the polls seemed dire, we couldn’t believe that they were accurate. After all, those infamous exit polls in the last election showed John Kerry enjoying massive leads practically everywhere against Bush. However, they were merely a slimy trick by the democrats to discourage Republicans out West from voting.

    We really believed that once the hype had subsided, clearer heads would win out. We couldn’t believe the shallowness of the voters. Just watch the YouTube video “Obama supporters unleashed, part 1”, and you’ll see what we considered to be the prototypical Obama supporters. We couldn’t believe these people could actually prevail.

    In the end, I guess it was wishful thinking. We couldn’t reconcile ourselves to admit defeat when it was so ludicrous, losing to a Junior Senator with a trail of scandals a mile long, a dubious birth certificate, and the absolutely most Socialist, most uber-Liberal of them all, even eclipsing that bloated windbag Kennedy. How, we asked, could this guy win?

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    Because more then half of the nation voted for him and there were a great number of swing voters that could have gone either way. I think we all knew it would be a tight race. I mean the polls were saying the lead could be made up if enough people leaning to Obama changed their minds. It was calling for a miracle but it was worth hoping for. He won Texas, the Dakotas, Nebraska... It was all up to the electoral votes. We held our breaths until our wind was knocked out of us with California. I for one thought it would be a long night but it was all over at 8pm. It's sad because people were still at the voting booths. All they could hope for was that some of the other candidates they were now voting for had a chance.

    Wrong color Vicky? Actually Obama won because he was the right color for many. For others, all he had to be was a democrat. Give me a break!

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    Lets see Obama had 600 million to McCains 80 million.

    The press supported Obama

    Obama received 95% of African American vote

    8 million is not a landslide

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    There were some questions about the validity of the polls... though as it turned out the polls were surprisingly very accurate.

    Just before the election I read this blog featured on realclearpolitics where the writer said he was betting his 40 year record that McCain would win in a "landslide" because the polls weren't reflecting the PUMA vote.

    So much for his record.

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  • 1 decade ago

    It's not so much that we said he was going to win as much as we hoped that the candidate that represented what we are in favor of would win. I knew the entire election that obama would win, but i still had hope and still think that mccain would make a better leader for this country.

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    Because no one would vote for a losing cause. I voted for McCain/Palin and KNEW they wouldnt win...

    McCains handlers lost it for him....they let the real John McCain fade into the background. And now they are blaming Palin - pathetic! She was the life in the race.

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    It was easy for me, I live smack dab in the middle of a state that has voted Republican since 1964. I seriously do not know one person in my circle that voted Obama. That is how easy it is to believe that McCain was going to win.

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    Because their McCain supporters so they just had high hopes that he was going to win

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    Lamar, you must be an undergraduate.

    First, you correctly said "votes" instead of referring to "voters". Enter ACORN with their bus tours in Ohio, Missouri, and Pennsylvania...that we know of, anyway.

    Second, most all of America is 'Red'. The areas that are 'Blue' are, mostly, the counties housing large cities.

    Contemplate what this means, and hope for the success of the Writ of Certiorari. We should not select, as our president, a Kenyan.

  • 1 decade ago

    From how people are talking now, it seems like most who voted for obama did so, because they wanted to say they voted for the "black guy." But, it seems obvious by they're quirky smiles and awkward defense for their vote that these people had NO idea he would actually win.

    It was like, most white people thought, 'I'll vote for Obama, so that way I can tell all my friends that I wasn't a racist, but I know every other white person won't vote for him, so really I'm safe.'

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