I need advice on my new girlfriend PLEASE HELP!?

OK, here is the story thus far. I have been dating this girl for awhile now, and I really like her a lot. She says she likes me just as much and I believe her. But I'm afraid that when things start getting more serious she'll do something stupid to screw it up. About more than a year ago there was this guy who she had been dating steady for 8 months with no problems. Then one day out of the clear blue she cheats on him! He finds out from of her friends and immediately breaks it off with her. They still don't speak to this day. She was really upset with herself and cried constantly for the longest time, I still don't think that she has forgiven herself yet. So now skip ahead a year. At this point me and her starting getting very close. Now remember that guy she cheated with? He apparently lives down the street from her and was coming home for the weekend from college, and she told me that they had plans of doing "things" together. Somehow I was able to talk her out of it quite easily, and she ended up not even speaking to him at all. So it was about 4 weeks after that happened that we starting dating, everything has been amazing so far, but my question is how do I know that she is actually over him for good? He's not a friend on her myspace any more either but they still talk from time to time over aim. I trust her, but then again there's that little voice in the back of my head that says I should be concerned. What do you guys think?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I say listen to that little voice inside of your head it is right! The fact that she even wanted to see him when he came home from college is a red flag even if you two weren't dating at the time. Just remain friends with her or you'll be headed for a heart ache as well as possibly loosing the friendship all together.

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