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What are 5 similarities and 5 differences with Nova Scotia and Newfoundland? ?

They are both located in Canada.

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    Both provinces have an island part and a mainland part. (The province of Newfoundland and Labrador is not an island. The island of Newfoundland is just part of the province. The province also includes the huge mainland part of Labrador.) And Nova Scotia includes the island of Cape Breton and the mainland part.)

    Both have a strong cultural heritage.

    Marine industry is important to both provinces.

    Both provinces have significant aboriginal populations.

    Both provinces have many great musicians.

    Both provinces have communities where French is the first language.


    Nova Scotia has a strong Scottish heritage while Newfoundland and Labrador has a much stronger Irish and English heritage.

    Nova Scotia has a larger population.

    Nova Scotia has more and better roads.

    Nova Scotia has easier access to the rest of Canada.

    Nova Scotia has a more temperate climate than most of Newfoundland and Labrador.

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    5 similarities

    1- both on the Atlantic ocean

    2- both have conservative governments

    3- both have a history of fishing

    4-both have similar eco tourism attractions ( whale watching for example)

    5- both had settlements by French at some point in their history.

    5 differences

    1- Newfoundland was the last to join Canada Nova Scotia was one of the first

    2- they have their own time zones

    3- Nova Scotia has more of a connection with US loyalists and the underground railroad where as Newfoundland does not.

    4- Newfoundland is an island.

    5-The population is higher in Nova Scotia then Newfoundland. even though Newfoundland is a larger province.

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    1) Yes it is pretty country. I had one vacation in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia once. 2) I had no idea wine is made there. I hope it is better than Ontario wine. 3) All that area has been economically depressed for decades. Congrats to Newfoundland for become a "have" province and not getting equalization money from Ottawa.

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