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Translation Buisness?

My husband wants to put a translations Business online. I support him but i also want him to be realistic. We are both recently unemployed and we have about $1100 in Bills a month. My Husband is currently working on the website which is translating from english to spanish and vice versa. He will be finished in about 2 days. I just want your opinion do you think he will be able to make a good amount of money by mid December to be able to cover the bills? or do you think this business takes time to make money off of? I keep on telling him that these things take time and that mean while we should both get a job. He just thinks i dont trust him, I do but im just realistic.

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    don't count on quick bux from any business but counterfiting.

    if you look at the long term, i think this is a business whose time has come, but if i understand correctly yahoo has such a service too.

    if you can get a good server which will help you to get more hits, it will help. i would pay more to have a google or yahoo biz or com address than anyone elses.

    in direct mail you expect to get 1 or 2 returns per hundred mailings. i GUESS that the figure for e commerce might be closer to 1 in every 1000.

    if you believe in your man, please help him. if he has a history of scatterbrained ideas he never follows up on, then kick him in the whatever, and put the pressure on him for a "real" job.

    for my money, i would take a lean christmas this year knowing we will have a better one next.

    felise navidad, y prospero ano nuevo amigos, el gringo.

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