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What's the best Sony LCD TV to buy?

My husband and I are looking to buy a 52" Sony LCD TV. There's different types of series to choose from....S,W,V. Which one is the best?

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    For what it's worth, Consumer Reports rates the Sony Bravia KDL-52W4100 as #4 of 10 recommended 52 inch LCDs. Number one is a Samsung LN52A650. The two appear to have about the same price. I have a Samsung 46 inch LCD and it is truly outstanding.

    Source(s): Consumer Reports, Dec. '08, p. 30
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    The best absolute one is the XBR line. Sony's new flagship 55" LCD with LED Backlight and 240Hz Motion Flow are amazing. It will put all tvs to shame. But it is like 7k.

    The next step lower is the 52XBR5 around 3.5k

    And the best bang for the buck is the W series. KDL52W4100. Offers amazing pictures with alot of extras and includes a panel refresh rate of 120Hz.

    The W series is what most people go for. And generally runs around 2.5k.

    But its a top quality unit. ;D

    #1 XBR

    #2 Z Series ( Same specs as W but slimmer)

    #3 W Series

    #4 V Series

    #5 S Series (Walmart price point tv)

    Source(s): TV Tech
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    The best for Sony is XBR series .If you look at LCD TV try another good brand I saw Samsung Seires 8 really great quality picture.

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