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is my mom going to die?

my mom's brother died from skin cancer 2 years ago

and my mom has it too. but its supposed to be a different kind.

she didnt even tell me i found out bc i over heard her and my daddy talking. and then i asked them and she said it was fine and they caught it early. but she still goes to the "dentist" or "shopping" and doesnt buy a thing

and comes back tired and stuff

and she always wears sunscreen even in winter

and all her sisters have had skin cancer too.

is she going to die like my uncle?

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    you need to pray about it,you dont know if she is gonna die your gonna find out in the future.

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    I'm sorry that your mom is dealing with skin cancer. My dad had bone cancer, it was awful!

    The reality is that we all die. In some form or another, we end up dying. Sometimes we get really sick with diseases that are deadly and we survive - and other times we don't. There's no way to know if your mom is going to die or not, just like there's no way to know if you are going to die anytime soon or not. None of us know when we're going to die, which is part of what makes life exciting.

    There's no rule book out there that says people SHOULD live to be 100. Some people don't even live longer than a few minutes! We all die at different ages and our lives all have different meanings and purposes. This is the mystery of life.

    If I had to guess, I'd bet that your mom is going to survive skin cancer. There are great ways to treat it. Many people have overcome cancer with alternative treatments as well. This is a challenge that your mom is faced with - chances are that this experience will help her soul grow tremendously and she will gain a lot of good from this experience that seems so bad.

    What you can do is love her. You can make an effort to help her feel better. You can also pray for her - which can be as simple as imagining her being healed and healthy again!

    Your mom's illness is not only a good growing experience for her, but also for you! I hope that you've learned how valuable life is and how each moment with your loved ones is special. There are even more lessons for you to learn as you go through this with your mom. I know it's hard and it probably hurts - but this is what gives you strength in life.

    I wish you the best!

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    Your mom is in a tough situation and doesn't want to cause you to become scared or worried about her. My mom had breast cancer after her sister had died from it a few years earlier and I was very scared but she lived through it. There are different types of skin cancers, some are more life-threatening than others. If she says she caught it early then the doctors can cure it and she will make it! How old are you? I was 10 when my mom had cancer and I remember her talking to me about it. Maybe you should tell her that you are really worried and you want to know if she is going to be okay.

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    hopefully she won't. Hopefully she is telling you the truth. Depending on how old you are, they may not be telling you anything until they see how the treatment's are working. Skin cancer is very curable if caught at an early age. My dad has had it, more than once. He cannot go outside without sunscreen or a hat (he's bald). If she follows the dr's orders and wears the sunscreen and hats, and is receiving treatment, she just might outlive you.

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    she need to go to a doctor and do something.

    my bf had a skin cancer (he had operation), but everything is okey right now.

    She needs to raise her immune system so it could heal at least little bit. she needs to eat lemons, oranges (vitamin c) and drink echinacea (herbal medicine) ... also she should not be a lot under sun and put make up (no make up)

    of course it won't hill from cancer but it might help

    ...and pray. i hope everything will be okey.

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