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How to unlock other handicapped match in svr 09 wii?

How to unlock other handicapped match in svr 09 wii?

i got svr 09 wii it rocks

how do i get the locked handicapped match??

plz answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Go threw and beat John Cenas Road To Wrestlemania and complete all the challenges.

    Source(s): I own the game!
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    rather you cant, as a results of fact it became the wii's first wrestling interest they couldnt do to plenty with it so they might purely placed the fundamentals in it, which arent that plenty, like season all you do is combat human beings and you dont get any rewards, and once you purely combat, you cant launch each and every man or woman or get specific arenas, plus you cant have deadly 4 techniques i think of, sorry, yet i think of the wii's wrestling of 09 is going to be extra proper, it became there first time, yeah there pics have been large, yet whilst it in basic terms is composed of the common interest, yeah it wasnt to stable in any respect, yet a minimum of they made one the place you're able to a minimum of combat instead of in basic terms stand there.

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    I'm Greggy's cousin so yeah John Cena's RTW. Hint HHH's is Hornswoggle as manager.

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