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I had sex before my six weeks up can I be pregnant again?

I had my baby Oct 18 then i had sex after I stop bleeding my husband had sperm inside me every time we had sex can i be pregnant Again

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    I am betting you are pregnant! You can get pregnant after delivery even if you don't ovulate! You should ALWAYS wait for the go ahead form your doctor first! My son is almost 2 months old... I stopped bleeding when he was 3weeks. But I wont get my iud put in until the 18th! I want nothing more than to make love with my fiance... however I would not want to risk getting pregnant right after having my baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Source(s): Mommy of a 8 1/2 week old boy
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    Oh, yeah, you certainly can. And yes, even if you are breastfeeding you can be.

    Take a test soon.

    You should have been on some form of birth control before you left the hospital!

    But you are responsible for your own body. Act on this by taking a test and using protection from now on.

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    You are more likely ro become pregnant than any time before! Right after having a baby, your body is in extreme fertile mode. Therefore, pregnancy is very likely.

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    Yes, as a matter of fact you are extra fertile right after having a baby.

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    Congrats ! You are more likely to get pregnant now than before. Two babies in a year, wow.

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    Girl, what were you thinking? Of course you can be pregnant! Why didn't you use anything? Even if you're breastfeeding and couldn't do the pill you should've used a condom.

  • YUP, thats should b a no brainer more pregnant cant just mess around and let him ejaculate in u now ....u need to protect urself if u dont want another

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    My nephews are 10 months yes.

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    nice... october 18 is my sister's, cousin's and friend's b-day. good day.

    and yes u can be preggy again

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