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i was really stupied and i need your help?

i was really bored so i went to my parents bathroom and put shaving cream all over my face and i shaved it with the back of a razor will it grow back

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    If you "shaved" your face with the BACK of a razor you didn't remove anything. All you did was take the shaving cream off. Go wash your face.

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    Yes. But I am in the process of pull wiskers out of my face. I find they are not coming back. I must jerk them out so as to get the roots out. Roots don't always come out so the wisker grows back.

    This will take me a long while but it will be worth it not to have to shave any more. Important thing is that you must get the root out.

    Source(s): Pulling wisker hair and not having it grow back.
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    yes, but ur eyebrows wont grow back as quickly as the other hair on ur face and there might be stubble on the rest if u are generally hairy and its dark.

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    yes but not necassarily in the most flattering way...

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