To what extent did religion shape Europe in the Age of the Hapsburgs?

I think it gradually became less influential, especially with the Peace of Westphalia. But I need more examples. Thank you!

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    Hapsburg were the most intolerant, bigoted, and bloodthirsty dynasty in Europe in the late 16-18th century that systematically destroyed, killed, looted, and expelled millions of inhabitants in continental Europe in the name of defense of Catholic fate. When Hapsburgs inherited two crowns in 1526 (Kingdom of Hungary and Bohemia), much of the Europe was quickly leaving an orbit of Rome. Bohemia and Hungary became protestant states, where Catholics lost all its privilege. Protestantism spread rapidly throughout the Alps and Austria and Catholics seemed to disappear into history from much of the Holy Roman Empire. For dynasty, educated in Spain and rejuvenated by Jesuits, the destruction of all Protestant became the most important policy of their reign. This was higher importance even when Turks were at the gates of Vienna.

    First of all, the Alps were pacified, and Protestants killed and expelled from Styria, Austria, and part of Germany. Hapsburg eventually created numerous conflicts (war of 1547 for example) within Holy Roman Empire to suppress Protestantism, which exploded into 30 Year War in 1618 that left much of the Europe in ruins. The multicultural, tolerant Renaissance civilization disappeared in the name of only allowable Roman Catholic Church. The cost was life of 10-20 millions killed citizens; and once prosperous powerful, kingdoms destroyed. Hungarian and Bohemian kingdoms were one the wealthiest in the world, and Hungarian king had higher income than for example English counterpart at that time. Destruction of central Europe in these religious wars and subsequent uprising (1547, 1605, 1681, 1709) created economic, intellectual, and genetic gap between them and the western Europe that is still visible till today. The fight between Catholic and Protestant Europe that happened mostly in Central Europe, allowed France, England, and Dutch to develop their own overseas empires, while Germany became fragmented, and Italy detached from the main European events.

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    in the previous the Renascences they lived in worry of devils and witches and demons and hell fireplace. each and every man or woman in accordance to them highly females develop into going to hell. all people who wondered the religious leaders of the time develop into burned as witch or warlock. even if the leaders made a perilous mistake. They suggested the 365 days one thousand may see the go back of Jesus Christ. Many offered their homes and flocked to monasteries and such. Giving all their money to the churches and the religious leaders. So those getting wealthy develop into the religious leaders. even as the 365 days one thousand got here and went and in no way some thing exceeded off? They felt they were lied to by making use of the clergy. Many became non- religious and suggested they gained't get yet another dime from me. Then the political leaders suggested, no more effective burning of people on the request of the religious leaders they attempt this to maintain the lots in subjection. They were required by making use of regulation to make a contribution 10 % of all their earnings. the authorities suggested that what they make a contribution must be volentary. God wasn't getting the money besides it develop into going into those large religious businesses. the in straight forward words people interior the country on the instantaneous making any money. thousands of thousands left to bypass to different newly chanced on international places. They were tiried of the abuse by making use of the clergy and the significant problem they needed interior the hot international develop into freedom of religion.

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    At one time Europe was all Catholic following the Pope in Rome. Then Martin Luther, Henry VIII, and others started Protestant religions.

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