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is my baby sick?????

My 3 and a half month old baby always only poops once a day or once every second day but for the last 2 days shes pooped every time i've changed her (which is every time she eats about every 3 hours) Its not a big poop just a little one and its yellowish and smells REALLY BAD *she is formula fed. She also has been drooling A LOT she soaked 2 bibs today and plus it soaked through her shirt and undershirt. Now I just went to change her again and I noticed she has a rash all over her belly. I checked her temp and she has a slight fever.


She's also been really cranky and sleeping alot.

Update 2:

And her bum crack is red and rashy too from pooping so much I guess.

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    Could be the start of teething... Teething produces extra saliva which passes out the other end and can lead to an increase in dirty nappies etc. Nappy rash is also a classic sign of teething, again due to the extra saliva. Low grade fevers can also be a teething sign.

    You could try giving her some Pamol for the fever and a cool teething ring to chew on.

    If in doubt though - I would take her to the doctor - babies can get sick so fast.

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    Your baby's poop patterns will change as she continues to grow, but you need to find the reason for her rash on her belly. Is it just from her drooling and wet shirt. Slight fever needs to be watched and she will need to be washed and dried real well, but gently. Keep her very clean and dry to help clear up the rash. The rashy bum crack could be enough to make her cranky. consider changing to another brand of formula and see if she reacts better, meaning her poop doesn't irritate her so much. You should have a doctor check her out in the morning either way. Good Luck.

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    What's a slight temperature to you? All babies temperatures run slightly higher then the average persons. Drooling is probably teething, as far as the pooping, she's getting older and that will change colors, textures, etc. it sounds normal to me, yellow brown is a normal color for a 3 month old, especially for formula fed... as far as diaper rash, if it starts to look like a yeast infection go to the doctor, otherwise disitin after every change should clear it up... the rash on her belly, depending on what it looks like it could be an allergic reaction to detergent/soap, use hypoallergenic soaps and dreft, if it doesnt clear up or gets worse in a week, doctors

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    Trust your instincts no one knows your baby better than you.If she's changed any of her usual habits which she has with regards to her pooping & sleeping and the fact that she has a temperature indicates an infection of some sort Take her to the Dr immediately & do not let anyone tell you you are being silly or overreacting Let us know the outcome

    Source(s): 17 yrs of motherhood
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