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Will he get posessed?

My friend and i were on a ouija board and he said. "This board is open to any spirit that wishes to posess me my body and spirit and soul and mind are free to you for the night and for the next week" Satan came to the board and said he would posess him. Nothing has happened. Do you think something will?

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    Not satan, but something of a very high power.

    It's hard to say for sure if something will happen.

    I really hope not though, for your friends' sake.

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    These things are just toys that are stupid and bad for kids' minds, however, Satan is real and should not be communicated with in any way, even through a silly toy like a ouija board! I'm not one of those kooks or anything, but who knows what might happen! Tell him to quit clowning around with things like that.

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