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TNA without Kurt Angle in late 2009,will it be better?

Kurt angle has said after TNA is contract up in 2009, he will sign with a MMA promotion he doesnt want to say which

Will TNA lose or gain ratings?

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    TNA has always done well even without Kurt Angle. The good thing about TNA is that they know how to make originals and let young talent shine and not controlled so much by politics. AJ Styles is really one of the the dominant forces in TNA because he is young and has a lot of potential. I would not worry so much about the ratings because the good thing about TNA fans is that they apreciate wrestling no matter who is wrestling because they know that the TNA roster has excellent talent.

    With WWE it is all a business and advertising since they have so many familar faces in the WWE such as the Undertaker, HBK if any of them were to leave the WWE will take a slight downturn. WWE fans really go by attraction sometimes instead of wrestling talent.

    For Example John Cena is not the best wrestler in the company it is really his gimmick that helps him not his wrestling. Plus he brings in good money for the company through merchandise and doing movies.

    One of the good things about TNA being a developing relatively new wrestling company is that they don't have to deal with a lot of business pressues that WWE is facing because TNA is still establishing itself and becoming more popular worldwide.

    It is like a young person learning a lesson through the elder's mistakes

    They are more than likely to bring in new alternatives and innovation because they are so fresh and new in the wrestling world.

    I don't believe so with all that talent they have in TNA

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    The point is TNA Wrestling wasn't never good from the start; instead, they was ok. On the other hand, TNA doesn't need Kurt Angle; They'd strive before without him, and they would strive again if he leave.

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    I think TNA will do fine - they have a lot of superstars to keep it going

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    yeah better

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