Bunny is grinding her teeth?

i currently have a baby bunny she is about one month maybe less. I have only had her for a few days so ive been observing her a lot. And she tends to Grind her teeth a lot. When she sits she starts to grind her teeth its is a bit loud. As if she is eating something hard. Is that a bad thing?

Im afraid, i don't want anything to happen to my bundle of joy.

thanks to everyone in advance

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    Loud grinding means that the rabbit is in extreme pain.Soft grinding means that the rabbit is extremely comfortable.Some may refer to it as "purring" just like a cat does when it likes its owner.Try to contact or dial vet(which is for free) and see what he/she thinks about the subject.


  • When a bunny grinds their teeth it means they are in pain for some reason. You need to take your bunny to the Vet in the morning so he can determine what is causing her to grind her teeth. You can go to any website and they will tell you the same information. The thing about rabbits is that it is hard to tell if they are sick they can be okay one minute and not fine the next. I hope your bunny will be okay!

    Source(s): Rescue Rabbits,Volunteer at shelter and rabbit rescue
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    Is it a loud grinding or a soft crunching? If it is a loud grinding, she's in pain and should see a vet to determine why. If it is a very soft crunching, almost like a purr, it means she is contented. Read here for more information that may help you to distinguish the two sounds: http://exoticpets.about.com/od/rabbitcare/p/rabbit...

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    whilst a bunny grinds their the teeth it way they're in soreness for some motive. you need to take your bunny to the Vet in the morning so he could confirm what's inflicting her to grind her the teeth. which you would be waiting to flow to any internet site and that they are going to enable you already know the comparable information. the item approximately rabbits is that it is hard to tell in the event that they're ill they could be ok one minute and not super the subsequent. i'm hoping your bunny will probable be ok!

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    Nothing is wrong, sometimes they do it for the same reason a cat purrs- or maybe she needs some chew toys. Appropriate wood blocks sold for small animals are best... They do sometimes grind their teeth if in pain- which could happen if she is only weeks old and away from mom, from a major accident or malnutrition.

    I don't think anything is wrong, though- If she still does it when she has something to chew and she's old enough to be away from mom- think of it as purring.

    And just to note- you couldn't have a rabbit that is 3-4 weeks old. They are extremely tiny and still need to be with mom another 4-5 weeks. If you do have one that young it has a low chance of survival. Here are a load of sites to look at so you can educate yourself properly. Remember you should have your rabbit spayed (or neutered if a boy) and they live 5-8 years. Good luck!

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    it may be purring that does not harm their teeth but if its not....

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    its in pain

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