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I want to go to a four year college what can I do to get ready!!!!!!?

I am a 15 year old Sophomore in high school want to know what I need to do to get a scholarship. I am just trying to have a successful life. I like computers,car, and engineering.But I was thinking about industrial engineering. I live in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Just give me steps or options.

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    If you have a high GPA and test scores, you've got a decent chance of getting a scholarship at a state school or smaller private school, although not all of those offer engineering. Here's a site with a bunch of scholarships that don't go through specific schools, so see what you could be qualified to apply for.

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    Scholarships went out (sort of) in the 1980's, but it is easy to get a student loan. Obama ids promising community service for free college. We will have to see how that goes through. Now lets look at the plan for your college. I suggest you go for the first 60 credit hours, and take your generic general education courses. Make sure and study for all of your exams. Also, look into a lot of different majors, and ask everyone what they think it best. I hope you do great.

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    well first off, you gotta maintain a 3.5 or 4.0 GPA to get into a good 4 year school and get scholarships, ask your counselor where the scholarships are posted, and start getting them now, they have them for all grades. you can also go online to the scholarship websites, and apply for those, essays are easy to do, or the ones over books. start saving for it now,

    pick a few schools youre interested in and ask what kind of students they look for, then when you find out, join the school clubs or sports that look good so they see it on your application, like FBLA (future business leaders of america) or robotics team, debate, community service, something that shows leadership. stuff like that,

    colleges like students with very diverse backgrounds and lots of experiences in different settings.

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    First do really well in all your classes.

    take advanced courses.

    Visit schools and ask about scholarship programs.

    beef up you applications by doing extra curricular activities.

    If your going for engineering look online for science fair and such that you can enter.

    Go in for an interview and do well in them.

    Doing well on the SAT always helps.

    Ask you guidance counselor for help.

    pick a few schools that your interested in and get a head start on your application.

    research, research, research...

    learn the ins and outs of the school... its great for interviews but its also good to know about the school youll be going to for 4 years.

    Source(s): have a scholarship at a university.
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    I just started an online University this week.I'm going to school for A Bachelors degree...Time management is a MUST! Be ready to focus when you're going to do your homework..Dont let anything side track you! Also, when you're doing reports and you look at research, do your best to grasp the information, and write it in your OWN words..Pretend like you are explaining it to people that want information about it.That's how i went about it when i did my first report and the teacher liked it. She said she could hear my voice when she was reading it..i said "yeah!" .. whatever

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    Try I think or .net I can't remember but sign up and see if they have any scholarships that u can acquire now, I know I see alot on there that anyone 13 and up can get.


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    get good grades and apply for a scholarship

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    Get good grades, do stuff after and outside of school. Be well rounded.

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    need excellent grades.

    check into your school of choice and see what scholarships they offer.

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    The best thing to do to prepare for college is to drink heavily so you can build up a good tolerance.

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