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How do you adrenaline dodge in tomb raider anniverary for pc?

I try and try what is meant to work to kill the T- Rex but he keeps getting me. how do you adrenaline dodge?


I have done anniversary on ps2 b4 but not familiar with pc.

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    When the enemy charges at you, press roll + a direction key. The screen goes in slow motion, and when the targets appear red, shoot. headshot combo.

    Roll is Shift

    run around it in circles too

    t rex is an easy boss, im sure you can do it :)

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    Tomb Raider Anniversary Adrenaline Dodge

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    Here's how it's done: shoot the enemy until you see ring ripples come out of the enemy, which indicates the start of the adrenaline dodge sequence. Then, keep shooting while continue to LOCK on the target. The screen will blur, and at the bottom of the screen, four direction buttions will appear, press any of the direction button while at the same time press the 'Roll' button. If you do it correctly, two grey reticules will appear and meet over the head of the enemy. Then, the reticule will combine and turn RED, and you will hear a 'bleep' sound. This is your cue to shoot. The trick is to keep your camera FIXED on that enemy at all time...If your camera angle stray to somewhere else during the sequence, you won't be able to execute the adrenaline dodge. In my own experience, i find that the best place to practice the adrenaline dodge is during the T-Rex encounter in the Lost valley area. Knowing how to execute the adrenaline dodge is ESSENTIAL to finish the game. You will need to perform it in all the major boss fights in the game later on, or you will have a huge problem. Practice makes perfect!

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    when I press roll, she crouches. when I press roll and a direction button she crouches about 3 out of 4 times. When I press the direction button first she crouches and then she runs into the dinosaur. the reticles only come up about 1 in 5 times. I have tried reassigning the croush button from C to ALT but it didn t make a difference - I have a Corsair Gamin keyboard with a huge roll-over rate, maybe the game doesn t like that. Fighting the dinosaur I have died about 70 times until I killed him once. The problem is she almost _never_ _never_ never goes into the "slow motion" phase when the four arrows are shown.

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