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K I luvvv Edward in the book thus making me TEAM EDWARD, i luv r.pattz to so i guess u can say i'm a total EDWARD follower lol!! But I think the Taylor Lautners hotter lol!!! WHATS UR TAKE? R U TEAM EDWARD OR TEAM JACOB??

8 more day till it comes out!!! I"M IN LOVE WITH IT!!! wooooo hooo so excited!!

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    team edward all the way!!

    but i agree taylor lautner is hotter♥

    I kno cant wait for the movie!!!!

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    I am sooo Team Edward!! I love Edward but like a brother. Jacob is hot in all but OMG EDWARD!! I love Jasper soo much more. I AM Alice Cullen. Jasper is ALL MINE!! So back off! Haha. Seriously. I cant wait till the movie. I am going the day of the premiere!! WHoo Hoo!!

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    Oh i'm with the vampires of path! haha! i'm group Edward!! yet OMGSH i like JACOB! Like no longer in basic terms because of the fact of Taylor Lautner, yet like Jacob is soooo candy and he fairly made it no longer trouble-free for me to decide for a collection! i like love love Jacob!!

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    Team Jacob... He was always there and is still there for her... too bad she ended up w/ edward... its ok though cause his character is awesome too!

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    Edward, duh. I genuinely like Jacob, but she belongs with Edward. And if I said that Taylor was hot, I'd be arrested. He's a little kid to me. Rob, now he's the hot one.

  • team jacob because he never left ♥!!!!! cant wait for opening day of the movie!!!!! LOVE IT!!!

  • team edwardd ♥

    but my favorite character is alicee ♥ ♥ [even though that has nothing to do with the ?]

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    team jacob!! woo!

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