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sims 2 DS experts!!!!!!?

I have a few questions about this game. Please try to answer all if possible.

1. Is there another Penthouse guest after Optimum Alfred?

2. When is it possible to purchase the ghost picture in the Strangetown store?

3. Where and, or, when can I find the five mechanical skill points?

4. Is there anymore hidden secrets or mission after Optimum Alfred?

I already have the Bovine Shrine, making milkshakes, secret room with bigfoot etc. Anything else fun?


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    1. No I don't think so..

    2. There's not really a certain time...I think they just change the items at the store once in a while so it just depends :S.

    3. Just look around in all of the rooms around corners or something. The skill points are at different places at different times of the day/week.

    4. No Optimum Alfred is the last person (well technically robot) that you have to deal with :P.

    You can find aliens in the desert and perform an autopsy on them once you buy the room (I forgot what the room is called)! :)


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