Ive been working out and feel as though i am not getting enough protein. Is cottage cheese a good source?


if so, what should i eat it with

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    1 decade ago
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    I don't know about cottage cheese, but other great sources include meat, nuts, and eggs. They are high in protein and are very good for encouraging muscle development.

    Good Luck!

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    1 decade ago

    Cottage cheese is one of the best choice for protein, there is like 16 Grams of protein per serving. And It's best to have before you sleep because it has a slow acting protein called casein which slowly feeds your muscle protein during the night.

    I usually eat it straight up with just Cinnamon sprinkled on it , try it it's good. Also try to get the low carb/low fat cottage cheese

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Just make sure that you're eating things like eggs and bread and red meat. Things with heaps of carbs in them. That's what helps to build muscle when you're working out. Otherwise you'd have nothing to work with.

    If you go to the website I've put in sources, you can see a list of high carb foods.

    Hope this helps!

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