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Choose 1 save the sheep or save the uggs?

I'm takinga survey since people keep posting about this sheep thing

wats ur stance

they do have to kill the sheep for sheepskin but>>>>>

there r millions of sheep only a few uggs

I vote 4 UGGS

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    i ♥ my uggs !

    i mean, you can have good things but you have to appreciate it .

    & sheeps can always make morwe sheeps, so it doesn't really make a difference (:

    UNLESS they are gonig extinct or whatever .

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    Sheep all the way !

    You can keep your worthless, over priced garbage.

    And there won't be millions of sheep if you keep making your ugly uggs.

    Guess what? UGGS don't impress anyone. People see them and think " Brown boots ". They're nothing special.

    And now that tons of people have them, noone really gives two sh*ts if you're wearing UGGS or running shoes.

    You can buy shoes that look exactly like UGGS but are made the faux wool for $19.99.

    In this case you ARE the sheep.

    You're only buying those crappy shoes to be like everyone else.

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    I think that the whole uggs=sheep killing thing is stupid. What people don't know is that w/o using the shearling for something, these sheep are being killed only for meat. The sheep being skinned for Uggs, Emus, Bear Paws etc, are also being used for meat.

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    I vote for sheep. In these horrible times when money is really low who has money to buy some expensive UGGS? Unless mom and dad gets them for you.

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    I vote 4 uggs.Its not that I hate sheep its just like you said so little uggs so many sheep I mean we will always have at least 100 at a time! I vote 4 uggs they are so fashionable and so cute! They are so comfortable and soft it was worth the sheep!!!! lol :)

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    I hated them until i got a pair.

    If you are going to splurge on one thing this year & it gets cold where you live....GET SOME UGGS!!!

    They are the best thing since sliced bread....& so unbelievably comfy!

    Don't feel bad as they will be killing the animal anyway for the meat so why not make some boots!!

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    Yeah, there's millions of people and only a small portion of murderers, does that make killing right?

    It's pointless to kill a living thing to make an extremely ugly shoe.

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    id hav to agree like seriously uggs are absolutely the most disgusting thing ever created..its a fashion suicide so i choose sheep

  • i don't think they kill the sheep for uggs. they probably just shear the sheep for the wool and i mean it'll grow back.. so i'll go with uggs. and they're comfy anyway ! :D

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    save the sheeps!

    uggs are ugly!

  • 1 decade ago

    Uggs. When sheep become endangered (which really, will i see in my life time? No.) i will, but right now i could care less.

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