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Are the Padres TRYING to lose fans?

It certainly seems that way. As time progresses, new news of people leaving and potential trades arrives. I can sort of understand with the budget being significantly cut, but this is becoming Fire Sale II. Just about one year after signing Peavy to what we though would be an extension so he could pitch for the Padres for 5 more years is turning out to be a downfall. Shopping away your ace and what would be potential next franchise player is completely bogus and absurd. Peavy is a reason to come out to the ballpark and watch a game and spend money, but not anymore should he be traded. It is frustrating to see how the front office treated Trevor Hoffman, the face of the franchise currently, so classless by just kicking him away. They didnt even allow him to speak to John Moores. Now they will probably be wanting to trade Greene next, even though he will most likely be a productive hitter in years to come not to mention a gold glove (not to mention the organization filing a grievence for reclaiming the lost money during his injury). Although they signed Brian Giles, they will most likely trade him midseason next year. These are names you come out to see and with them gone you see the AAA Beavers. I want a AAA price if im gonna see a AAA team. And now Matt Vasgersian, one of the more unique announcers in sports is gone (although he left on his own power). Whos up for an exciting season next year?...Not.


i understand they're trying to rebuild for future years but they're getting rid of all of their marquee players who attract people and bring money in... anyway, just thought i'd ask your opinion about it

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    If the Padres don't trade away their marquis players, then they basically stand pat. Ok, you want another year of Jake Peavy? that's fine, he's a marquis pitcher. What about the rest of the team? The sum of the parts doesn't equal the whole.

    Should the Padres like the Orioles or any other team want to get high value prospects, they have to be willing to part with marquis players. Contending teams who are willing to give up prospects because they want a player that can take them over the top and better their chances at winning the world series, like the Chicago Cubs for example.

    If the Padres are serious about rebuilding, then they will find a way to be successful in the long run, even if that means no real marquis players in 09.

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    They most definatly arn't trying to lose fans. Do the Pads actually have a shot at winning or even making the playoffs within the foreseeable future? Probably not so why hold on to Peavy? It's better to trade him for top prospects. The team they have now is not a championship team, so might as well start over and rebuild. As a fan it is frustrating seeing your team in a rebuilding mode, but it has to be done if they want any chance for the future.

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    you're saying who's responsible? it truly isn't any time to be pointing hands or panicking. So what do you want to hearken to? ______________________________________... this question might want to point the version between the Padres ending one dropping streak on Monday and occurring a sparkling prevailing streak Are you Bud Black?

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    I don't know, but I sure would love to see Peavy in a Cubs uniform.






    That would be incredible!

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    Yeah, i guess. Let's just hope that the coaches can get the newbies into shape for the next season.


  • pretty much

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