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good paying jobs that require college?

I really don't know what i want to be, I've bounced around with the idea of being a computer tech support person, a chef, social worker...i don't know, I want to go to college. I'm 19 and I missed the high school to college right away boat. Anyway what are some good paying jobs, that I could consider going to college for, doesn't necessarily mean i will be whatever you, random people, chooose, i just need ideas. please. My boyfriend and I are talking about moving into a house together, we already live with a few roomates together, but we want to get more serious...he has a good welding job, and right now, im stuck working a shitty mim. wage.

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    Pilot.... Now you need a bachelor degree in Aviation...

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    Most high paying jobs require some type of a 4 year college degree. However, if you are really good, you can make a lot of money in Real estate. Yes, I know the market is down, but here are always people out there looking to buy. Here in CA there is a lot of money to be made from the uber rich who keep buying really expensive houses. But, if you really want a job that pays very well, you need a college degree.

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    Restaurant Manager

    Hotel Manager



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    Hell, you are young. You have plenty of opportunity in front of you. I didn't go to college until I was 24 and I have a degree in accounting.

    Anything involving medical, computers, the law, and social work needs a college degree.

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