Putting baby to sleep on her stomach?

I have a 9 week old daughter who absolutely REFUSES to sleep laying on her back or side. She will literally cry for hours until I turn her to her stomach. I asked her doctor and he said that it would be perfectly fine to let her sleep on her stomach since she has amazingly good head control for an infant as young as she is. But everything I've read online and in parenting book says otherwise. Do any of you put your babies to sleep on their belly and were they ok? The first few nights I put her to bed I was up and in her room every half hour making sure she was still breathing. She sleeps 10 hours every night...lucky me, huh? Nope...I don't sleep because I'm up worried about her all night!

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    years ago, all doctors recommended having babies sleep on their tummies to prevent throwing up and choking. I am sure a lot of mothers still do put their babies on their tummies. If your doctor said it was fine then I am sure it is, just make sure there are no loos blankets or teddies near her face...

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    I only let my babies sleep on their front if they are lying on me. If they are in their own beds, I want to do as much as I can to reduce the risk of SIDS. In this situation, I wouldn't pay any attention to what the doctor says. Putting her to sleep on her back won't solve any problems for you, if she won't sleep; but putting her to sleep on her belly won't either if you're going to stay awake all night panicking. I suggest you buy a little chair for her, that will tip back far enough that it isn't going to put too much pressure on her spine, and has a strong safety belt so she can't fall anywhere. That should be a good compromise for everyone. I did that with my daughter when she had a cold in winter and laying her on her back put pressure on her sinuses. Everyone was much happier. :) It could also help if you keep her in your room, then you only have to listen instead of dragging yourself out of bed and into the other room. Every bit of energy saved counts!

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    Sleeping on the stomach increases a risk of SIDS. If you do choose the stomach, use a pacifier if she'll take one and have a fan blowing in the room (doesn't need to blow on her, just circulate the air). These things are said to reduce the risk of SIDS. The movement monitor is a good idea too, or if you are really worried, have your doctor order you an apnea monitor to use at night.

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    My son is almost 2 moths old, he rolls from his back to his side/stomach already! I make sure to check on him often. I will never take away his position of choice... if it is what he wants let them do it. I also have him in the my room... that way I can hear him breathing. It worries me too, just keep checking on her! Good luck :)

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    At 4 months slightly one usually has good administration of their head yet i might nonetheless be careful of the tummy sleep. . while you're frightened regarding the flat spot positioned her on her tummy in the time of the day as you have been once you may save an eye fixed on her and at night you may try turning her heaed to the two area whilst she is asleep to help even out the flat spot.

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    the first 2 answers are right, I just wanted to suggest an Angel Care monitor, would alleviate some of your stress.

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    yes it it is fine for her to sleep on her stomach.. you are doing the right thing by checking on her every so often.

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    its better for you to keep an eye out for her to make sure she stays on her back when she is sleeping because its better for her to sleep on her back to prevent sids

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    you cant lay them on their stomach im sorry

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