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i live in a small town and there is nothing to do, and i'm hanging out with this girl on friday night?

and i need an idea for something to do, and i plan on asking her out then also... any ideas


theres snow outside also

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    try findin a nice spot and do a picnik or somethin you think she mite like

    or take her to a nice spot that you think is speacial and tell her it your two's little place were you'll go to hangout and talk

  • batra
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    4 years ago

    least confusing element to assert, do no longer circulate. in case you prefer it to be over, do something else Friday night, be someplace else Friday night. dangle with your boys, circulate see a action picture, something yet circulate to the club. She for sure is shifting on, or making strikes to accomplish that. you're able to do a similar. in case you 2 are meant to be, she would be able to come back to you - and to no longer dangle out in a team. If no longer (and that i think of you comprehend no remember if she is looking you to come back mutually), you're able to ward off her for a whilst so which you would be able to heal. particularly in case you nevertheless have some thoughts for her, permit circulate- i comprehend this is not common, yet on your guy or woman dignity and self-properly worth- in basic terms stay away. in basic terms my 2 cents

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