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chemistry (heat/energy) question?

A sample of copper was heated to 120.00 °C and then thrust into 200.0 g of water at 25.00 °C. The temperature of the mixture became 26.50 °C. (Values of constants or conversion factors may be found in your text or in reference material.)

How much heat in joules was absorbed by the water?

The copper sample lost how many joules?

What was the mass in grams of the copper sample?

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    Very common type of question.

    1.Use q = m(deltaT of water)(4.18)

    or q = (200)(+1.50)(4.18)

    2. assuming equal but opposite is usally the convention (so neg of previous answer)

    3. (previous answer) = (mass metal)(deltaT of metal)(specific heat of copper which you'll need to look up)


    (previous answer) = (x)(-93.5)(specific heat)

    just solve for x.

    Source(s): I teach chem.
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