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Given coordinates A(4,-5), B(1,7), .....HELP PLEASE <3?

Given coordinates A(4,-5), B(1,7),C(-1.5,0), D(6.5,2). Prove that LINE CD is the perpendicular bisector (bisects and is congruent to) LiNE AB.....!!!!

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    There are two parts to this: a) Show that line CD divides line AB into two equal length pieces (which means that it is a bisector) and b) show that lines CD & AB are perpendicular to each other.

    For the first part, find the point where the two lines cross. Call that point E. If the length of AE equals the length of EB, then AB is bisected.

    For the second part, determine the slopes of lines AB & CD. If the slopes of two lines are inverse reciprocals of each other, then the lines are perpendicular. (For example, if the slope of one line is 2/3, and the other is -3/2, then they are perpendicular.)

    Once you've shown those two things, then you've shown that CD is a perpendicular bisector of AB.


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