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Please help me, late period!!??!?!?

So, i had sex the day before my period was due (6 days ago). and My period still hasn't came yet, currently as i write this im getting slight cramps down there. Anyways, my bf and i used a brand new condom from the store (no im not on the pill,but i will be soon) and we checked it after wards(along with others in the past) and none have ever broken.

Anyways, last month my period came a week early.

is this just a lovely case of irregular periods which is stressin me out

or could i be pregnant?

ps, i am not feeling prego symptoms at all ,no tiredness, no puking etc.

i have been getting little cramps (like stated)

peed clear, i know it means healthy

my breasts hurt a little bit when i push on em... but i think thats normal

please help though.

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    If you are pregnant, you wouldn't have any symptoms yet. So the tender breasts are probably just a sign you may be getting your period. And I know when you take a pregnancy test it won't should up positive until atleast 12 days after conception.

    Its also probably a good sign you are getting cramps. I'm not positive, but if you had sex the day before your period was due, you won't e pregnant the next day. It takes a few days for the sperm to travel and fertilize the egg. So most likely that is not what is affecting your period.

    Wait a week and see if your period comes, if not take a test just to be sure... but you are probably fine. Good luck.

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    Lots of things can make your period late, such as stress, weight changes, etc. and this is probably the case rather than pregnancy, especially since you're not always regular.

    Take a test if you're worried which will help you relax about it, but you're probably fine if you used the condoms correctly and shouldn't be pregnant.

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    During the primary two-three years of your interval, it's going to be abnormal. This is common. Don't fear, the primary time I acquired my interval, I did not get it once more till 6 months later. It is abnormal considering the fact that you're younger and developing. You're at puberty and your hormonal cycle hasn't set mainly but. To be pregnant, you want sperm from a male to mix together with your egg on your uterus. Since has no longer occurred, you're one hundred% no longer pregnant.

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    i am sure that you are alright if you are really concerned though just go and get a test then you will know for sure

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    buy a test, stick around the grocery store, and then in 30 seconds it will let you know if you gotta buy some diapers. ha!

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