is it worth getting this 1995 Del sol for 5000 dollars?

Well, I'm looking for a car to buy and i found this car:

1995 Del Sol with auto transmission

It does have a vtech engine so im pretty sure it is si version because when i was doing research base S version didn't have vtech and the VTECH version didn't offer automatic transmission

It has only 50,000 miles on it (and i did run a car-fax check and IS clean title and no roll back fraud... unless car-fax is wrong)

the price is 5000 dollars

It's in red color with all-black rim with red highlights ( which i thought was pretty nice looking)

No other stupid mods that can mess the car up because i'm not a speed enthusiast

I was looking for stock version and this is it

Is this car well-worth for the money? and would it hold its value down the road?

I'd appreciate any answers!


well i've run a on this car and it says it's only worth 4000 dollars

There are many cars that have 100,000 miles or more with similar prices!

i'm confused! help!

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    1 decade ago
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    Use your resources to compare Del Sol's locally of that approximate year, online, newspaper, auto trader whatever. Bear in mind you can probably get it for $4500. Now, after that's done I'll guess it's just a little overpriced, right? All you do then is ask yourself 'is it worth the extra couple bucks to get exactly what I want?' Outside of that, if it's a well maintained car that will get you to work to pay the bills, yes, it's worth it. And they do look sharp)

    Source(s): I just like cars,,,, and money.
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