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microsoft word won't open when double clicked?

i can't open word documents (2007) when i double click them. it says the file can not be found. if i go to open with, it works fine. whats wrong and how can i fix it?

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    I would save the work that you are doing now and then uninstall and reinstall the program. To do this, First remember to uninstall the program,( you can do this in your control panel under add/remove hardware) then restart your computer. Next, pop in your programs CD and then install accordingly. The steps on the CD should be clear as you have already installed it! :)

    Good luck

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    Mzeffix : I don't know the answer to that question.. But a sure reality of the matter can be solved if you call a computer place Like Office Max or some other computer store and ask to speak to a technician in the store. I am sure they can help you. Or another Idea.. look up computer repairs in the yellow pages And ask to speak to one of there technicians and they will all give you free advise and try to help you solve this problem. Good luck. And remember Let the yellow pages do the walking for YOU!!! LOL'S there.

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    the shortcut must have been deleted, what you can do is go to control panel and go to the search option and type in microsoft word and it will come up in the search items.

    once you find it you right click it and click on 'find target' and it will take you to a new window where you will see the microsoft word icon, and that will be the original file and then you just send it to your desktop and it should work from there on

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    It sounds like you have some version mismatch between versions of Word that you have on your computer, and the version of word that the documents were created with. You might try Google Docs....

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