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How safe is it for my 3 month old to sleep on her front.?

I'm breast feeding my 3 month old daughter and she has always been comforted on her front and will not sleep on her back at all, she's in her cot beside my bed and i find myself checking her all the time, i'm making my self sick worrying that im doing the wrong thing and something will happen. Has anyone got any advice to give me, this is my first baby.

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    My son will be 2 months this Saturday.. he rolls over onto his tummy. I tried in the beginning to correct him.. but then he would wake up screaming and it would take him FOREVER to fall back to sleep. So now I just leave him be! I make sure there are no blankets, pillow or toys around him, his head is turned to the left or right, and monitor him to make sure he is breathing. He is doing just fine and sleeps very well!!!

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    The highest risk period for SIDS is between 3 and 6 months, so I wouldn't let her sleep on her tummy, unless she can roll over herself. She's probably not doing that reliably herself yet though. Can you feed her to sleep then put her down on her back? The magic boobies used to work for us with 99% reliability! If this won't work, I'd get a little chair for her to sleep in when the boobie trick doesn't work.

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    Research that has been done into SIDS shows that the best sleeping position for babies is on their back. I don't know about the risks of tummy sleeping, though - perhaps ask your doctor?

  • if she can roll over on her own then its really nothing to worry about anymore.

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