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Is that good introductory for an essay: Why should veterans be honored?

Everyday, when we wake up, being attack by terrorists is the last thing on our mind. Veterans are the reason this is possible. We sit in front of our television sets comfortably with our family. We’re not even thinking about anything to do with veterans who couldn’t come home to spend time with their families even if they wanted to. Independent, strong, brave, sacrifice; all these words describe these Veterans who risked their lived to protect ours. Some even died protecting our country! If you combine all these things you can see that Veterans not only should be honored, they deserve honor.

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    I think its pretty good, although if "Why should veterans be honored" is your title, my teachers have told me, that its usually not good to have a question be the title. How about "The honorable veterans" or something other than what you have.

  • alia
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    4 years ago

    Your niece will have to do her possess scholarship essay. You are seeking to get solutions for the Patriot Pen essay to win $10,000. You 2 ought to be complete retards if you happen to ought to ask the way to honor the Vets of the US.

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