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Gyms with mats, what are they called and where can i find them?

Ok so i started doing acrobats/tricking/ whatever you would like to call it awhile back. This includes stuff such as front flips, and back flips and more. I started to practice this stuff on grass and it didn't hurt to much when i messed up, but now as im getting into the more complicated stuff it is started to kind of hurt when its being performed on the grass, so i have fear of practicing it on the grass. My point is where can i go to practice on mats, like gyms with mats... do they have special names? Would an everyday gym have this? Also if you could give me a specific place that is good in waukesha county wisconsin that would be great also ( if you just happen to live nearby )

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    Well, you basically described an average gymnastics center!

    They have mats designed for flipping and tumbling, so you should be fine. And yes, practicing on the grass is probably just a little dangerous :)

    Gymnastics centers near you? Um...Salto Gymnastics Club, American Turners Gymnastics, M & M Gymnastics? Lol, I just googled it and that seems to be what's close.

    Well, good luck finding a gym, hope this helped! :)

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