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single mom's...how do u do it?

my bf & i are together, but he lives 1 1/2hrs away, so i raise my daughter myself. i work 30hrs a week & my bf takes her tues afternoon-thurs morning & my cousin watches her the other days. do u have family members that watch ur kids? or daycare? i think if i put her in daycare i will be just working 4 daycare & not getting ahead. i feel kinda guilty not giving her the house & parents living together. do u? but him & i r together on the weekens & love her so much.

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    Honestly, it's kind of like survival of the fittest. I do what I do because I have to. I'm a single mother to two kids 8 and 1. I work an hour away from home and my eight y/o goes to school and he attends a program after school until I get home. My one year old goes to daycare all day. It suck, it's expensive and I hate it but we're fine and the kids are happy. I feel guilty all the time that my kids don't have the traditional family life of a father and a mother but those circumstance are out of my control. One day, perhaps. But in the mean time I have two little ones to worry about! It's not that bad-for the kids anyway- for me I get lonely and want the extra help and other options. But I just have faith it will happen, in time. Cherish what you do have on the weekends with the whole family--it must be an awesome feeling.

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    I work 40 hours a week. I started out by having family watching my son and they did it for free, but that didn't end up being reliable. I found a friend, of a friend who said she would watch him and I pay her, less than what a daycare would charge. I think it's good that her dad watches her. That way she gets as much time with him as possible. And if you can't live together, at least you see each other on weekends. You are doing the best you can, so try not to feel guilty.

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    its a fact of life that shyt doesn't always work out the way you want it to. at lest she is spending time w/ your bf, even if your daughter is very young it will give them a chance to develop a bond & be very close. you have to work in order to get ahead for the both of you, don't feel guilty, she'll thank you later on in life if you succeed at what your trying to do. as long as everyone else in the situation is ok with the arrangement it should work out fine. [ and daycare are so impersonal w/ children, many get lost in the shuffle, trust me i worked at a smaller daycare and it still happened,& children need constant positive reinforcement & encouragement {like you get from family}]

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    move in with him or look at buing a place together (or rent)

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