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How do you play in 6/8 time? Any good websites for reference?

I have to play a piece for band that has a tricky rhythm in 6/8 time. It goes like this: quarter, eighth, quarter, eighth, triplet, dotted quarter, triplet, quarter, eighth, dotted half, triplet, quarter, eighth, triplet, quarter, eighth, eighth rest.

Can anyone help me count that? Or any advice to keep in mind when I'm playing in 6/8 time? An online reference would be excellent, if you have one. Thanks!

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    One A One A One_____ One&A

    One_____ One & A One_____

    One One______(hold this for 5 eighths)

    One&A One A One&A One A Rest

    One & A = triplet

    Every Dotted Quarter note = a triplet value only you hold the dotted Quarter note and you think it in your head.

    6/8 is really in 2. 123 123 | 123 123

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    I have just started with 6/8 time, and I count one beat with my foot every three 8th notes, for 2 beats each measure. Then I do a little 1-2-3 in my head for the 8th notes on the page. With your piece I would get those first 2 notes when my foot first hits the floor (the quarter note starts), then just BEFORE hitting the floor again (eighth starts), then when my foot hits the ground (the next quarter note starts), then just before hitting the floor again (eighth), and the measure is finished. Next measure starts when my foot hits the floor for the triplet. BTW the dotted quarter is, for me, one beat of the foot). This works for me, when I play clarinet. Hope you can figure this out. Good luck.

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    6/8 is frequently counted in 2 with a dotted quarter getting one count.

    but if not each 8th note gets one count each quarter gets 2 counts & dotted quarter gets 3

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    you play it like you would in 2/4 time

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