Debate on Capital Punishment, Need Help.?

I'm on the pro side of it, and I'm finding it hard to come up with ideas. Also I was looking for an article of some sort that brings out the emotional side in my favor.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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    1 decade ago
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    Fear of death deters people from committing crimes, proponents say. They also believe that if attached to certain crimes, the penalty of death exerts a positive moral influence by placing a stigma on certain crimes like manslaughter, resulting in attitudes of disgust and horror to such acts. Furthermore, retentionists insist that the deterrent influence of the death penalty reaches across state lines into jurisdictions that have abolished it, and so all benefit by its continued use. Perhaps this is the intended goal of the Violent Crime Control And Law Enforcement Act of 1994. It "establishes constitutional procedures for the imposition of the death penalty for federal crimes. It applies to federal statutes that previously carried the death penalty and creates many new capital offenses. As a result of the Act, the death penalty may now be imposed for nearly sixty federal crimes. New capital offenses include the murder of a federal prisoner serving a life sentence, and drive by shootings in the course of certain drug offenses" (Internet 3/8/95). Those in support of capital punishment think achieving model citizens and a better society happen through fear and intimidation.

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