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Whats is your pets nickname?

i nicknamed my pet cat, Misty, Silly Poo. i have no idea why.

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    Flycatcher - my cat Bear

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    My cats nicknames are Chick, Jigglepot, Muh, and Bus-stop

  • batra
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    4 years ago

    my canine is a yorkishire terrier and her real call is molly her nickname's are... Molster Molly Doo Dingy Dangy (this one became made via mum and became initially molly doo dingy dangy doo yet i think of she have been given uninterested in asserting all of it interior the tip lol) (:

  • Rose
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    1 decade ago

    My cat's nickname is Jelly Bean, her real name is Nelly :D

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    grinch my cat

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