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Have the Mayan Calendars ever been wrong about their predictions?

Or Nostradamus?... Or Merlin?... 2012 is awfully close and don't think we really will all be annihilated, but I need some reassurance.

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    The Mayan Calender never "predicted" that there will be a huge disaster and the world will end in 2012. All that's happening is a new katun cycle will begin. This actually would have been celebrated by the ancient Maya and would have probably been commemorated by raising an extra impressive stela. It is telling that credible Mesoamerican experts dismiss this theory which is more a by-product of "pop" archaeology (i.e. pseudoarchaeology) than historical fact. I personally wish that Mayan scholars would speak out against this story more vocally, because proponents of the metaphysical theory are currently getting a lot more attention and misleading people who don't know any better.

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    To the best of my knowledge, the Mayan Calendars haven't made any predictions. All they have done is recorded dates and days. The fuss about 2012 is because the current cycle of the Mayan calendar is due to end. That only means the cycle starts all over again, not that he world is going to end. As to Nostradamus - his predictions are couched in such murky language that they refer to anything and it's only after an event happens that people look at them and say, 'Oh, look! Nostradamus predicted that!" But did he? Not really. You have to twist and interpret his words, and that means they aren't truly accountable. Merlin confined his forecasts to the magic court of King Arthur. Merlin wasn't a real person, and Camelot was a mythical kingdom so nothing from that land of make believe pertained to our world.

  • No one can really say how many predictions were true or false. Most of those (Nostradamus, Mayan) predictions were matched with events AFTER the prediction and event had passed. Stay calm, you survived Y2K. ;o)

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    yes the mayans have been wrong.they said that the their god would come in the 1500 or1600 hundred.unfortunatly, it was cortez who came and took all their gold and killed them all.they couldnt have been more wrong.i dont think the world will end in 2012.if anything, something really good will happen.cuz it seems to be reverse phscology.the mayans said something good would happen, instead something very bad they say something bad will happen.something very good will happen.just look forward to 2012 because the mayans are not too good at their predictions.

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    I saw a show on that last night. Seems kinda freaky that 2012 is right around the corner...however, thousands of other predictions turned out to be wrong. So this one will be as well. (hopefully :) )

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    The Mayan calendar has been wrong every time. Don't worry about 2012.

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